Water Meters

We offer full range of Water Meters which are known for its characteristics and quality, durability. Our experts offer complete guidance for scientific installation and maintenance of Water Meters for best maintenance free field performances.

Woltmann Water Meters (50mm to 500mm dia)


  • Low starting flow, high overloads security.
  • Wide measuring rang.
  • Removable measuring insert / mechanism
  • Low hand loss.
  • Low friction bearing ensures long-term measuring reliability.
  • Retrofit-able with active and passive pulse’s.
  • Metal protective cover (plastic optional).
  • Evacuated counter protected from condensation (hermetically sealed).
  • Dry dial counter with large number rollers simplifies the readability.
  • For cold water up to 30°C, with security up to 50ºC.
  • For horizontal, vertical and inclined installation positions.
  • High pressured model available on request.
  • The Woltman meters have international approval, EEC marking and others.

Single- Jet and Multi-Jet Water Meters (15 mm to 40 mm dia)


  • Rugged, light and intelligently conceived.
  • Extra dry dial counter.
  • Model with pulse output ex factory with pulse values 1/10/100/1000 liters/ min.
  • Comprehensive tamper protection available.
  • Counter window from high-quality plastic, on request from mineral glass.
  • Operating temperature 30°C, with security up to 50°C.
  • Nominal pressure PN16.
  • Display range 0.05 liter to 99,999m³.

Electromagnetic Full Bore Flow Meters


  • C.S + PTFE Lining, Electrode SS316L, Protection IP65, Output 4 – 20 m A
  • Model Remote Version (8 m – Cable)

Domestic Water Meters


  • Single Jet / Multi Jet Domestic Water Meter from 15 mm dia to 40 mm dia
  • strictly conforming to IS : 779 / ISO : 4064 with ISI / EEC Mark.

C.I. Dirt Boxes


  • C.I. Heavy Duty Dirt Boxes suitable for Threaded / Flanged connection in the installation of Water Meters.