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We have great pleasure in introducing Orient Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd. as the Pioneer in designing, developing and manufacturing Mechanical Joint Pipe Fittings in India. We were the first to introduce Rubber Gasket Joint Pipe Fittings way back in 1977. Since then, our Products are being used all over India with complete satisfaction. We are a fairly large ISO: 9001:2008 Certified Company holding BIS License (by the Rubber Wing for Gaskets). Our Works for Pipe Fittings and Rubber Gaskets are located at Bodai Industrial Area in Kolkata with Registered Office in Kolkata and Sales Office in Nagpur.

We have designed and developed a number of innovative, cost saving, customer friendly pipe fittings out of which we hold exclusive Copyright for 27 different products. These products are manufactured broadly under our registered brand names of Jiffy ™ and Easylink® . These are now household names in Water Supply Industry in India and are recommended by the brand name by many State Water Supply Departments in new Water Supply as well as Maintenance schemes. This is only because of the high efficiency, field reliability and better economics.

The Jiffy ™ Fittings mainly cover the repair fittings and tailpieces like Collar Couplings, Transition Couplings, Long Sleeve Couplings, Socket Leak Repair Clamps, Split Collar Couplings, Patch Clamps, Tapping Saddles / Sleeves, Tail Pieces (Flange Adapters), Dismantling Joints etc. The Easylink® Fittings cover the main Fittings like Bends, Tees, Reducers, End Caps etc. The more recent Jiffy ™ II Fittings cover the entire range of Repair and Regular Fittings. These innovative compact Fittings are specially designed to save on the cost without sacrificing on the field reliability and efficiency. The Jiffy ™ III Fittings are like 4G version in Collar Couplings and Tailpieces to make jointing easier and most economical. The products have received very wide acceptance all over India. We are working on Jiffy ™ II Split Tees which will be marketed shortly to make Branch Connections quick, efficient and at a huge saving on cost.

We have already launched many of our Jiffy ™ Fittings in Ductile Iron (D.I.) and have received very encouraging acceptance all over India. The present range is in all standard sizes from 80 mm to 300 mm dia NB. We are in the process of expanding our range of D.I. Fittings which we hope to achieve very shortly.

Our entire requirement of Sealing Rubber Gaskets is manufactured by our associated Company Durable Polymer Products Pvt. Ltd. under the same management. Durable Polymer Products Pvt. Ltd is located at the same premises and is an ultra modern leading manufacturer of Rubber Gaskets for Water Supply Industry. They hold WRAS and BIS License and are an ISO: 9001 Certified Company.

We are acknowledged experts in Pipes and Pipe Fittings. We had been actively engaged in marketing of C.I. Pipes for 60 long years and had been responsible for laying of many difficult and prestigious pipe lines, erecting pump houses and water treatment plants for State Water Supply and Military Departments. We are a regular member of the Committee responsible for formulation of National Standards for C.I. and D.I. Pipes and Specials and made significant contribution in the revision of Indian Standards including that for Sealing Rubber Gaskets.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help eliminate loss of water during transmission from source to consumers completely through efficient, reliable and economical pipe joints. We want to achieve this through our maintenance free and foolproof pipe fittings and repair fittings which have been designed to last for 100 years if not more. Through our foolproof joints, we also want to eliminate possible contamination of Water during transmission to the consumers. Our entire ‘ready to make’ range of Joints are designed to facilitate quick assembly and dismantling for maintenance and make modification in existing arrangements to keep the shutdown time to the minimum limiting the inconvenience caused to the consumers. We are a leading Dealer in Portable Petrol Driven Pipe Cutters (for C.I. / D.I. / R.C.C. Pipes) and Water Meters / Flow Meters. The Water Meters are of internationally acclaimed Brands which strictly conforms to ISO 4064 Standards with EEC / MID / MOIL Certification Marks. The range of meters available is from 15 mm to 500 mm dia in all standards sizes. These Meters are Pre equipped for Add on AMR Facilities whenever the consumers desire. All equipments, software’s, solutions and training are provided by us through experts. Full range of Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic Flow Meters are being added to the scope of dealership. We also provide Leak Detection Equipments and Associated Solutions / Water Audit Services.

Client Satisfaction

Our Company has adequate experience and expertise in innovating products to offer practical, efficient and economical solution to all possible piping problems. The entire staffs are highly trained to handle Product Development, Production, Administration, Technical Backup and Sales / Marketing supports. Currently we are concentrating in the National Market though our products are being exported through some of our regular clients. We enjoy a tremendous Market Goodwill and all our clients are satisfied with our products, efficiency and services for the last 42 years. We are not just a solution provider or supplier; we act like business partners to many of our old and regular clients which make our existence in the Industry all the more significant and satisfying.