Pipe Cutter

Husqvarna K750 Petrol Powered Pipe Cutter

Husqvarna is offering a new solution with the introduction of the K750 power cutter with Oil Guard™. The Oil Guard feature helps ensure that the power cutter is only operated with the proper oil and the correct mixture. A sensor detects if incorrect oil or if no oil is present in the fuel and automatically reduces the power cutter’s rpm to 3,800 (idle speed) to avoid engine damage. Husqvarna offers Oil Guard 2-stroke oil that includes a color additive only present in the Oil Guard oil which helps the sensor detect it. Oil Guard oil is a premium quality oil that is recommended for use in all 2-stroke machinery and is available at Husqvarna dealers nationwide.

The K750 power cutter with Oil Guard includes a two-year warranty against seizures when Oil Guard oil is used.

The K750 has a five horsepower engine with DualCharge, which produces more power with higher torque and 70 percent less emissions.

Husqvarna K750 features

Along with the newer compact and modern appearance the new petrol machines are built as a modular system full of anti vibration elements which reduce the hand arm vibration levels to below 5/ms2 making it able to use the Husqvarna K750with more comfort and for longer periods. For service operations this machine can pretty much be stripped in minutes (including the engine) by just one tool, the spark plug spanner supplied.

The saw features